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accomplished fact, accomplishment, achievement, act, act on, act upon, acta, action, ad hoc measure, adventure, amphibious operations, angle, answer, art, artful dodge, artifice, bank, be responsible for, bear a hand, beguile, blind, blow, bold, brew, cabal, call the signals, captain, carry on, carry out, carry through, chicanery, collude, combined operations, command, complot, concoct, conduct, connive, conspiracy, conspire, contrivance, contrive, control, convoy, cook up, countermine, countermove, counterplot, coup, courageous, course of action, crab, craft, cute trick, dauntless, deal with, dealings, deceit, deed, demarche, design, device, dip, direct, dispense, do something, do something about, dodge, doing, doings, drive, dry run, effort, endeavor, engineer, enterprise, execute a maneuver, expedient, exploit, fait accompli, fakement, fearless, feat, feather, feint, fetch, finagle, finesse, fishtail, fluid operations, frame, frame up, gambit, game, gerrymander, gest, get with it, gimmick, go, govern, grift, hand, handiwork, handle, hatch, hatch a plot, hatch up, head, head up, heave in together, improvisation, intrepid, intrigue, jig, job, jockey, jugglery, jury-rig, jury-rigged expedient, keep in formation, keep pointed, keep station, knavery, last expedient, last resort, last shift, lay a plot, lead, lead on, lift a finger, little game, logistics, loop, machinate, machination, maintain position, make go, make the rules, makeshift, manage, maneuvers, manful, manipulate, manipulation, mastermind, means, measure, military operations, minor operations, mission, move, movement, navigate, officer, operate, operation, operations, order, overseas operations, overt act, passage, perform on, performance, pilot, pis aller, plan, play, play games, plot, plow, ploy, ply, porpoise, practice, prescribe, procedure, proceed, proceed with, proceeding, production, pull out, pull strings, pull the strings, pull up, push down, quarterback, racket, red herring, regulate, res gestae, resort, resource, rig, roll, run, ruse, scheme, see to, shake-up, shift, sideslip, skid, skipper, sleight, solution, spin, spiral, staff work, steam in line, steer, step, stopgap, stratagem, strategy, strike a blow, stroke, stroke of policy, stunt, subterfuge, swing, tactic, take a hand, take action, take care of, take command, take measures, take steps, take the lead, temporary expedient, thing, thing done, tour de force, transaction, trick, trickery, trump, turn, unafraid, undaunted, undertaking, undulate, valiant, valorous, wangle, war game, war plans, wield, wile, wily device, work, working hypothesis, working proposition, works, yaw

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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  • maneuver — [n1] move, tactic action, angle, artifice, contrivance, curveball, demarche, device, dodge, fancy footwork*, feint, finesse, gambit, game, gimmick, intrigue, jig*, machination, manipulation, measure, movement, plan, play, plot, ploy, procedure,… …   New thesaurus

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